My Art

I sell my art through two companies. Both companies print the art onto clothing, stationery, bags, home decor, cards, phone cases etc.
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Please take a look at my portfolio and if there are any pictures you like then head on over to my Redbubble or Society6 shop to turn it into something for you.

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Crescent moon, southern cross and pointers just after sunset

Under a southern sky

The sunset from the southern hemisphere – crescent moon and southern cross. Based on continuous line drawing followed with alternate colours.

Kitti Jules, the cat with the super duper long tail with lipstick colours

Kitti Jules

Kitti Jules can be printed on many articles from Redbubble

a grey misty lake scene with distant trees reflected in the water. Bubbles have been added to the picture

Hallwylersee Bubbles

It wasn’t gloomy at all, just offered peaceful quietness

co-joined diamonds (filled with flowers) made into mountains or the Swiss Alps. Dusty colours - blues and rosy

Summer in the Alps

Swiss flowers to make the Swiss Alps