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I am having fun 🙂

Bubbles in the air overlooking at misty Hallwylersee

Find your art on Redbubble

My beautiful watercolour pencils and sketch pad travel with me. I thought they would become a prized possession, but that was not so. I always have them out and admire their colours but am reluctant to put them on paper because (pause) … well … I think it is because I am afraid (another pause).

Afraid of putting a less than perfect mark on the paper. Afraid that my curves would not be beautiful flowing curves. I have so many ideas loitering inside of me but afraid to implement them.

I knew that if I did it every day I would get better but it hasn’t because I haven’t

HSDB005 Glen Hope Art BoardThis journey started with photos. Photos are easy – point and shot, sometimes you get lucky.  I relied on my computer to zoom in and crop to get a better picture. I heard about the ‘thirds’ rule in composition. My small mobile phone camera turned into a Canon PowerShot, still a basic camera but with more zap and zoom.

Then I discovered Vi Hart (thanks Craig) – wow, what a lady. She is a mathematical doodler and has expanded my knowledge of Fibonacci spirals, taught me about binary trees and snakes. Fantastic, my imagination has turned binary trees into mountains with snow. This is exciting for me because I ‘get’ maths and maths is the world, it is everywhere – you just need to look.

blue triangles looking like mountains
Just doodling … and an upside-down random binary tree becomes mountains

Maths has given me the structure I have needed to do art. It has provided the starting point because I can draw a straight line with a ruler and many straight lines can become curves.

Did I mention colour? I have always loved colour and it took me down the track of dyeing fabric – sixty-six colours in four tints from three dyes. That was an adventure – and I used maths to get the gradients of the changing colours.

HSDB007 Summer in the Alps Bag
‘Summer in the Alps”, tote bag from Redbubble

Colour is mathematical and I have found the 16.5 million colours I can make on the computer. Additionally, I have a favourite website that helps me determine the relationships between colours. This keeps me safe and my colour confidence is increasing.

Here are most of the elements, I think, I need to do art – colour, structure and thirds but still afraid to put pencil to paper. Somehow, came into my vision and is now my easel. It gave me courage. I can create my mathematical structure, manipulate the colours and let my ideas flow.

It is not a problem travelling with this new art, it is all on the computer – able to be shared, viewed and sold.

Enter Redbubble.  I had known about Redbubble for a while – for me, they have two purposes.

Redbubble is an Australian and creates a community of artists. This is a safe place for me because no one knows who I am and everyone is an artist on Redbubble. It is all in a digital form and includes photography, digital art, fine art etc. It has many ideas, many genres, not everything appeals but that is what the world is about.

Redbubble’s mission is to ‘bring more creativity into the world’

It is a place for inspiration. I can join groups, share my work and enter competitions. There is a complete spectrum of artists, from the novice to the professional and I feel comfortable sharing and watching what others have done.

The second part of Redbubble is the product. I can upload my art to Redbubble and instantly it appears on a variety of items (60+) which are sold through the Redbubble website. Of course, you are competing with 400,000 artists for sales and I guess it all comes down to your marketing – another skill to be acquired.

White T-shirt, black sleeves with oval print of the Eiffel Tower reflected into a puddle
Eiffel Reflection T-shirt available from Redbubble

To sum up, this is a marketing blog. I am an affiliate (and contributor) of Redbubble. You will see their logo and links throughout my blog. If you make a purchase through a link from my blog, I will get a commission and if you purchase any of my art pieces, I will get more commission. They gave me a little something for writing this blog.

Enough of the sales talk head over to my Redbubble portfolio or look at my portfolio (still a work in progress). Follow me on the House Sit and Dog Blog Facebook page or at Instagram to see my ideas flow – I have a strategy!

Author: Karen M @ Foodproof

PhD student, kiwi, blogger, multi-potentialite, science writer, dancer, analyst, food lover

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