Brothers, siblings and family

family time, just chilling together

This is me in the middle of my two brothers, Kevin and Anders.  I don’t know who is the oldest but Anders acts like the oldest.  He always watches out for me.

The other day, Anders found me staring at a feather.  He could see I was still moved by the ‘spilt milk’ incident so he just came and stared at the feather with me.  He is the strong, silent type and it was nice to have him there but I got bored first and started to play.  Anders continued to watch.

I was glad of Kevin’s warm body next to me.  It had been a cold night and I wanted to go inside – for the warmth, not the hard, cold, dried pellets that our carer calls food.

I was looking forward to the warm, spring mice – these were my absolute favourite.  I was top catcher last spring – 17 more mice than my sister, Heidi.  Her best score was 38.  I had been secretly practising the ‘scatter and pounce’ manoeuvre over the winter.  The ‘scatter and pounce’ will improve my strike rate so I can hold on to my top position.

Kevin has sensed the dawn drop in temperature and snuggles in closer to me.  Both my brothers are good to me.

Black and white or rather black – how many shades of black are there?  I start to count the many shades on Kevin as the daylight comes on.  I get to 22 before our human opens the door breaking my concentration.

Life is good, the stars are dimming as the daylight chases them away.  I can see the cold creeping in and I snuggle closer to Belle, she starts to purr.  Her happy vibrations jiggle through me.

Our pet-mum will open the door when the sunlight hits the roof of the barn.  Belle will then stretch and meander in.  Anders will quietly observe the changing world before following me in.

Crunchies for breakfast – yes, life is good.

Romantic celebrations during House sits

remember there are dogs around

It was a small feast, a romantic feast – bread, cheese, cold meats, dips, olives and sun-dried tomatoes.  It was laid out on the large, low coffee table in the living area with cushions for seating.  The wine was chilled, the lights were low, the scene was set for a romantic anniversary celebration.

A glass of wine and a dip in the spa was the appropriate thing to do before embarking on the evening spread except they forgot about their housesit charges – two dogs and two cats waiting quietly in the wings for their entrance cue – even the olives were sampled.

Story told to me by a home owner, about a previous housesitting couple