This is me – Karen M

this picture shows Karen sitting in the dog run with Coco and Stella, Lagotto Romagnolos. They are all sitting and look as though they are deep in conversation

House Sit and Dog Blog continues to evolve as I travel New Zealand (and now Europe) as a house and pet sitter.  I connect well with the animals and people are interested in the pets I care for.

Housesitting has been my lifestyle for over 2 years and so far I have met 15 cats and 4 dogs in 2017 (24 dogs and 5 cats in 2016).

It is a hot sunny day and Kapiti Island is in the backgroundBefore house sitting I lived in Auckland where my life centred around my family and a career as a corporate accountant.  Life brought changes which offered an opportunity to study Nutritional Science and complete a Masters degree in Science – check out my food, nutrition and science blog.

In 2015, three people inspired me to make a life change.  A cousin asked me to house sit for a month in September, another cousin reminded me that life is short and we had better get on with what it and the third person was a colleague who had taken an extended holiday for an adventure.  My contract with Auckland University ended in August 2015, my house was rented out and I headed north as a house sitter.

this picture shows Karen feeding the lamb, BubblesThe journey involves people, animals, places and lots of time.  It involves adjustment, management and flexibility.  Also, for me it unearthed the questions of what am I supposed to be doing with all this time and opportunity?  What do I really like to do?  While I am looking for the answers I am finding I love to walk the dogs and I like to hear people’s stories and what is important to them. I love dance, running, colour, simplicity, science and food.

My name is Karen, come join me on my travels through New Zealand and further afield.this picture shows Karen and Stella, Lagotto Romagnolo, enjoying the sun in the dog run

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