Joey and the Jet Boat

This picture shoes the cover page of Joey and the JetboatCarol, my cousin, visited me during a house sit in Queenstown.  On my regular walk to the Lower Shotover River with my three Lagotto Romagnolo dogs, Carol captured some enchanting images of Joey (meet Joey’s friends here and here) and turned his regular river exploits into a child’s early reader book.  The book is written in a popular, simple style that appeals to the early reader.

Joey and the Jet boat is available for purchase at $11.50 per copy plus packaging and postage ($3 for up to 3 copies)

This book is a small softcover reader of 12 pages (including covers)


Joey visits the Lower Shotover River as part of his regular walk.  He likes to swim and enjoys the local tourist jet boat racing up the river each day.  This picture shows inside Joey and the Jetboat
This book drops the guilt and encourages us all to never give up.  It shows Joey enjoying the journey without worrying about the destination.

Carol Forsyth, the author introduces the theme of never giving up through a series of delightful images shot on the lower Shotover River, Queenstown, New Zealand.


Carol Forsyth is a passionate maritime writer who is now turning her skills into producing maritime-themed children’s stories.  From childhood to making a career in the marine industry, boats have played a huge role.  She has three adult children and seven grandchildren.   Carol writes a regular column for Skipper magazine and a blog


Purchase Joey and the Jet Boat NZ$11.50 (including packaging and postage within New Zealand)
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Purchase 2 copies NZ$26.00 (including packaging and postage within New Zealand)
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Purchase 3 copies NZ$36.50 (including packaging and postage within New Zealand)
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3 thoughts on “Joey and the Jet Boat”

  1. I was very excited when I heard Carol was going to write this reading book about Joey and was blown away when I saw the draft. The pictures are awesome and the story is great for young children to read. The book captures the joy Joey has when he visits the river each day. This will be a book on my book shelf (when I get one) awaiting a grandchild (when I get one) or young person to read.

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