this picture shows Ziggy, a white tonkinese cat, with one of his dog mates, Bonnie, a white Chinese Crested PowderpuffCherry and Clive, Christchurch, October 2016

Karen house sat with my two dogs and cat while we travelled in Australia. What an amazing experience, Karen kept us regularly updated on activities with the animals and what was happening at home, which ment we had a wonderfully relaxing trip. Coming home, Karen picked us up from the airport, cooked us an amazing meal and went over everything to do with our home such as phone calls, mail etc. The animals had all obviously bonded with Karen and both my husband and I felt fully at easy with Karen’s friendly out going personality.I can honestly fully recommend Karen and her partner Chris who we also meet. If Karen us available for any of our up coming trips I will definitely be requesting she sit for us.

Author: Karen M @ Foodproof

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