Stella, the innocent, mischievous Lagotto Romagnolo, sadly missed

My condolences go to Christine, Tim and Stella’s other companions – Joey, Coco, Magic, Gibbston and Clyde. She will be sadly missed.

She eyed me warily as I entered her house.  It was the eyes I first noticed about Stella, they contained a hint of fear.

But as she saw me accepted by her other family members they changed to an intelligent mischievous look. Continue reading “Stella, the innocent, mischievous Lagotto Romagnolo, sadly missed”

“…except when they runaway”

a night out

this picture shows three Lagotto Romagnalio dogs walking on the lead “they are good dogs except when they run-away” the owner said to me.  And she was right the dogs were exceptional – except when they ran-away. Continue reading ““…except when they runaway””