The Beach

A soft coated wheaten terrier runs the beach

She’s had breakfast, she’s putting her shoes on – we are going walking?

Treats in her pocket, lead, keys

“Rafi, let’s go for a walk”

I’m waiting outside the door ready.  Door closed. Lead clipped to my collar and we are heading towards the gate.  Gate open and I am off.  Oops not so fast I am connected to my pet sitter. Walk up the drive, stop at the car.  Click, car unlocked.  A car ride!  Beach? Could we be going to the beach?  Continue reading “The Beach”

Canine Gratitude

clearly appreciated

Judy was very grateful for the water left by some kind person on the exit (and entrance) to the Timaru Scenic reserve where many dogs go walking.  Thank you to that considerate person – the water was clean and fresh