Favourite Pictures from 2016

here are some of my favourite pictures

two small dogs playing are on the lawn. they are looking at the camera with their mouths open barking
these dogs are laughing as they are waiting for the ball to be thrown
this picture shows the road heading south towards dry brown hills of the Lindis Pass. It is early in the day so shadows over the road but the sun has hit the hills. blue sky day
heading south towards the Lindis Pass early one morning
this picture shows three train tracks vanishing in the distance. There is a very small brown house like structure besides the track with someone sitting on the steps waiting
Just waiting …
this picture shows Joey (an off white dog) sitting outside a chinese miners cottage, in Arrowtown, which also has off white walls
Waiting for his master to come home
the feature in this picture is the reflection of the clouds on the lake - a blue sky with some small whispy clouds
Lake Matheson in the evening with a perfect cloud reflection in the lake
this picture shows two large boxes (on posts) beside the road in the Lewis Pass. Not sure what these boxes are used for perhaps for delivery or pick up of something in this rural area. It is the height of summer so the grass is long and brown
Just some letterboxes?, milk boxes? calf boxes? in the Lewis Pass
Carol is sitting on a park bench in front of a brick wall (Kohimarama toilet block) while Moushka (Sydney Silkie) stands on her hind legs, with front legs on Carol's thigh
Walking Moushka with Carol – love how all the colours work together
this picture looks across the bay towards the Kaikoura mountains at dusk. Two large trees are silhouetted in the picture with a small person (Chris) taking a photo of the Kaikouras
Dusk at Kaikoura
this picture shows Karen sitting in the dog run with Coco and Stella, Lagotto Romagnolos. They are all sitting and look as though they are deep in conversation
the girls are sharing secrets
this picture shows Ziggy, the white tonkinese cat, hiding under the mat
Ziggy likes to hide. He got under this mat all on his own