My cats of 2017

This is not my cat but if he was, I would call him Kevin. Why you might ask?

Pet names are often influenced by current (or historic) pop culture e.g. Simba or influential people or cats of influential people – politicians (Paddles), musicians (Tom, Bowie or Prince), DJ’s (Kevin), actors or sporting heroes.  It is also becoming more common to give a human name to a pet.

I did not see the name Kevin in the most popular cat names and it is unlikely that this cat is called Kevin.  This cat lives in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland so likely to be called Nero or Zitto or Leo or Stella or Pia or Camilla.

The most popular cat names for 2017 include:
Charlie Oscar Alfie Max Simba Milo Tiger Buddy Poppy Bella Molly Ruby Nala Luna Coco Daisy

Below are my cats of 2017 and their names (hover over the picture).  The best name for me was PussCat – after caring for many cats, it takes me a couple of days to adjust to the new cat names but “PussCat” came so easily.


How did your cat get its name?

Author: Karen M @ Foodproof

PhD student, kiwi, blogger, multi-potentialite, science writer, dancer, analyst, food lover

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