What to wear at Oktoberfest?

Brewtiful weather at the annual München Oktoberfest

this picture shows the Ferris Wheel, the Bavarian Statue

Forgive me München for misunderstanding you and your Bavarian citizens.  I thought Oktoberfest was Oktobierfest, all about beer, but Oktoberfest is about the passion of the Bavarian people to celebrate.  It is about tradition – food, beer, dress, music, family and friends.  It is a series of parades, brass bands, the ‘tapping’ of the first festival keg of beer and a carnival over a couple of weeks ending in the first week of October.

The Oktoberfest evolved from the original festivities to celebrate the marriage of Kronprinz Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on 12 October 1810.

Oktoberfest Carnival 2
Oktoberfest is more than beer, it is about family fun in a carnival atmosphere
Oktoberfest is about the dress. Lederhosen (leather shorts) with embroidery and suspenders is teamed up with the traditional shirt – green, red or blue checked shirt
Oktoberfest Dress 1
A white shirt is also acceptable and there is a variety of vests which can be worn.
Oktoberfest Dress 4
The Bavarian hat is adorned with pheasant feathers or a brush made of boars bristles. The adornment traditionally indicated status.
Oktoberfest Dress 9
The women wear a dirndl, made up of:

a short puffed sleeved, white blouse with a variety of necklines. This blouse ends underneath the breasts (saves fabric?)

The bodice, generally has a square neck line and will be lace together at the front.

Skirt is gathered at waist and can be full, short or long

Oktoberfest Dress 2
An apron is often worn and determines the status of the wearer – tied at the left indicates a single woman, tied at the right indicates a “taken” woman
There is a hairstyle for each outfit, mainly based on braiding.

These ladies are buying gingerbread hearts. They all have a message and are worn as a necklace before eating.

Oktoberfest Dress 3

Incidentally, if you wish to partake in the beer you need to have a reservation for entry into a beer tent.  The hopportunity ifor a reservation is taken up swiftly well before October.

Oktoberfest Beer 1
Photo Credit: Leigh Graves Wolf

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