Get out of the warm bath, it’s starting to cool

It is so easy to fall back into the groove and forget your priorities – exploring people and places … and take photographs

this picture shows a before and after shot of the AUT building over 6 months

A 10-week house-sit brought me back to Auckland in January.  Auckland is my hometown and I settled quickly – I knew the people and I knew the places.  I was so comfortable that I forgot to ‘explore’.  I became afraid this comfortable “warm bath” feeling may become the norm and I would really “settle”.

While in Auckland, I found a job to top up the bank account.  The job was a short-term contract with the University of Auckland and I continued to house sit in Auckland – getting more comfortable and into a rhythm.

Then … in March I was offered a house sit in Switzerland – three months over Christmas.  I leaped out of my warm bath and started planning.  My philosophy has been to allow house-sits to choose where I go and here I am in Germany house sitting.  My bath is no longer warm – I don’t speak (or read) German, the supermarket shelves are challenging, the television/radio is in German, but I am out of my comfort zone and experiencing the world, which incidentally New Zealand is such a tiny, though precious, piece.

This picture shows supermarket shelves of chocolate products
Labels are in German, prices are in Euro. Food shopping is a skill which needs to be re-learned

Two things to remember – get out of the warm bath (especially if you have been there for a while) and remember the people …

I met wonderful people at the UoA (and from my house sits).  It takes time for me to develop relationships and learn about people’s dreams, aspirations, and their priorities.  I did this with some UoA people I met on my commuting buses e.g. the 550 (Jenny), 625 (Helena) and 972 (Margaret, Alice, Kate) bus.  The Pizza afternoon also gave an opportunity to laugh and participate and I did not expect the singing.  From the shared and vegan lunches of the “fun’ side, I was able to learn more.

Thank you UoA people for the farewell, the morning tea, the afternoon pizza – it was awesome, but I did not capture those moments.  Another lesson  … take photos – I had many opportunities during my last week at UoA to take photos and I regret I did not.  Please, Finance gather around your whiteboard (or whatever) and send me a picture.  And the “fun” side send me a group pic too.  I will post them to this blog.

Auf Wiedersehen

Author: Karen M @ Foodproof

PhD student, kiwi, blogger, multi-potentialite, science writer, dancer, analyst, food lover

3 thoughts on “Get out of the warm bath, it’s starting to cool”

    1. Hi karen, trying to come to grips with technology so not sure whether or not you will even get this, am loving readong about your overseas travels seems you are living the dream, dont forget your past house sit friends here in little old timaru nz would love you to come back and look after Jock for me some time next year


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