Stage 2 de-clutter – the patchwork goes

I am ready for more de-cluttering. I can let go of my fabric and colours

Colour Triangle of dyed fabrics, 3 dyes, 66 colours

It is time.  I am ready.  I now know that I do not need all that fabric – truly.  Yes, it is beautiful but it has been superfluous for many years now and someone else can add it to their collection or perhaps they may even cut it into little bits and sew them back together again.

These wonderful colours were hand dyed by me in Keri Keri in the 1990’s.  I was a new mother in a new town and joined the Keri Keri Patchwork club.  The ladies were lovely and I loved the geometry and colour of the quilts but never got past design and admiring the hues.  Perhaps that was the limit of my skills or I just did not get the thrill of segmenting beautiful fabrics to re-create something new.  On the other hand, I did enjoy the colours and a challenge of mixing colours with incremental changes in the hue.

Complimentrary colours
The digital scales gave me precision with colour mixing – a journey in complimentary colours

Armed with bolts of white cotton lawn, soda ash, salt, three dye colours and scientific digital scales, I went about turning metres of white into 66 colours of four intensities.  My clothesline was a rainbow – I loved it

Twenty-sixteen gave me time to re-evaluate what I liked to do.  Patchworking was on the re-evaluation list, do I want to be a patch worker?

Being on a house sit or in-between house sits, I do not have a base so my belongings went through a stage 1 de-clutter before storing, but de-cluttering has stages which cannot be rushed.  Eighteen months later I am ready for stage 2 and I no longer want to be a patch worker.

I did try again with hand piecing but my heart was not really in it.

Just because I am re-housing my colours it does not mean colour is kaput.  I can still explore the geometry and colour of patchwork with a piece of paper and colour pencils that fit easily into my travel kit.

What is your de-clutter stage?

tumbling block and stars
Now I can draw the geometrics and paint or colour in
complimentary colours red and green squares in differing tints
A colour study of complimentary colours and tints

Author: Karen M @ Foodproof

PhD student, kiwi, blogger, multi-potentialite, science writer, dancer, analyst, food lover

3 thoughts on “Stage 2 de-clutter – the patchwork goes”

  1. Three years ago I left a 16 acre farm where we had lived for over sixteen years. I brought up a road trailer full to the brim and then some. It has taken a while to shed the possessions and step into a new role as life develops…


    1. Hello free15252
      thank you for your comment – wow a 16 acre farm into one trailer is quite impressive.
      The lightning of our load is liberating as long as we are mindful not to fill up the void with more clutter but with the new peace and freedom we have acquired
      Best Wishes with your new role … have fun wherever that may take you


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