I leave the South Island … for now

Farewell Te Wai Pounamu, it is with sadness that I leave

this picture shows an orange road sign saying "Picton Detour"

Yesterday morning I left.  I had followed the Picton detour signs, a reminder of an earthquakes capability, and was on the 0215 ferry to Wellington and then homeward(?) bound to Auckland.  I have spent most of 2016 with you and have grown to love who you are.

From a gentle rolling atop Castle Hill Peak to being awakened in Timaru with your big shake, you have shared your earthquakes with me.  I saw the changes you made to the landscape and people’s lives in Christchurch – the empty suburbs and the empty white chairs.  I was silenced by your awe.

this picture shows the 185 white chairs reflecting the loss of lives in the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake

Your scenic beauty seduced me – Lake Alta, Cable Bay, Tekapo, Mt Cook, Okarito, Karamea and the Franz Josef Glacier where I was so insignificant walking in your glacial valley which was filled with ice when I last visited 17 years ago.

I have met your people, felt their generosity, made new friendships and renewed some old ones.  I found Aucklanders who have come south.  I Lindy Hopped in Nelson, Modern Jived in Christchurch and ran in Timaru.

I learnt about cold, frosty days, what Matagouri is, where all the grains are grown.  I saw roses, peonies and bees in your gardens, sadly the bees are no longer common in Auckland.   I have a better understanding of your problems: the rabbits, the lupins – pink, purple, yellow and apricot, the Wilding Pines and I did miss the Keas.

this pictures shows the mountains, covered in snow, from an airplane
thank you Chris

Hello Te Ika A Maui, let’s see what you will bring in 2017.

Author: Karen M @ Foodproof

PhD student, kiwi, blogger, multi-potentialite, science writer, dancer, analyst, food lover

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