New music to explore: Ali Handal – singer, songwriter

Music discovery … introducing Ali Handal – guitarist, singer-songwriter and cat lover

this pictures shows Ali Handal playing the guitar with a red pick up truck in the back ground

I found Ali through Good Life Project where the host, Jonathan Fields, picked up on her musical story – a women guitarist in the rock world.  At an early age Ali was enthralled by other singer-songwriters: Carole King, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Paul McCartney but as a teenager Led Zeppelin’s “Over the Hills and Far Away” captivated Ali and the piano was put aside for the seductiveness of the guitar.

The part of Ali’s story which I loved most was her dedication – that moment she realised that music needed to be the centre of her life (not a PhD in psychology), she persevered towards her life ambition with intent.  She pushed past the “I suck at guitar” stage til she actually liked what she was playing.  She pushed past her mediocre singing voice with coaching to “strengthen and open up” her voice in “ways she never thought possible”.  Now that Ali had all the ingredients she was able to start producing the music she loved.

this picture shows Ali Handal with her cat Indy
Ali with her cat Indy, pictures from – thank you

Now a professional musician, singer-songwriter, author, entrepreneur, teacher, mentor to other female guitarists and forever a cat lover.  Ali’s philosophy is you get what you settle for and average was not good enough for Ali.  She says “It wasn’t easy – and it’s still not – but in my experience, nothing worth doing is.”

I love the classic rock but find I am now looking for soft rock rather than hard rock.  Ali delivers this with a diversity in her music.  Ali has three CD’s out, Dirty Little Secret is rock, albeit not too hard, Breathing Underwater is a softer rock option, Make your Move takes you back to heavier rock with Ali’s version of My Sharona. The fourth album (in progress) returns to acoustics and explores what a woman in the 21st century needs to survive – strength and a sense of humour.

Buy (and listen) to this music at Ali Handal’s website or listen to the  House Sit and Dog Blog Discoveries playlist at

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