The Beach

A soft coated wheaten terrier runs the beach

this picture shows Sumner Beach, Christchurch looking south, the tide is out. Lots of sand and blue sky

She’s had breakfast, she’s putting her shoes on – we are going walking?

Treats in her pocket, lead, keys

“Rafi, let’s go for a walk”

I’m waiting outside the door ready.  Door closed. Lead clipped to my collar and we are heading towards the gate.  Gate open and I am off.  Oops not so fast I am connected to my pet sitter. Walk up the drive, stop at the car.  Click, car unlocked.  A car ride!  Beach? Could we be going to the beach?   Door open and I am up before she says “Up Rafi”

I tell myself to calm down, before my pet sitter says “calm down Rafi” because we might not be going to the beach.

Down the hill, right and right.  I can smell the sea, I can see the sea, we are heading in the right direction but we could be going to the supermarket.  Past the supermarket, my excitement is getting the better of me.

We park in the beach carpark.  My sitter opens the door and says “Wait Rafi”.  What? What are we waiting for?  I take a breath of the sea air and wait, at least she is not making me sit and wait which is hard when your legs are all twitchy to go.

Ok, she steps back and I am allowed to jump down.  Remember lead, be good and she will let me run.  We walk down the beach path, tide is out, lots of sand to run and lots of dogs with their humans – over whelming

Another click, “off you go Rafi” and I am off

Zig zagging, smells, dogs, piddle,

Oh, I need to poo! Why couldn’t I have done that before I left home.

Oh look, seagulls, the big black back kind.  No one has seen them yet – they are mine.  Go, run, up they go.  I was first to bark and make them fly.  They are flying low I can keep up with them.  Down the beach we go!  My legs are going, my heart is pounding, no breath to bark, just run.  They are getting higher, oh what’s that aroma, stop, sniff, piddle.   Breath catches up

Where is my pet sitter?

this picture shows Rafi, the soft wheaten terrier, sitting and waitingRafi I am at the northern end of the beach.  I can’t see you anymore.  How far are you going to run?  Turn around, come back and find me.  I can see you now, too far away to call.  You are looking for me.  Keep walking this way, look for me.  I am standing and waiting.  I wave my arm you see me. Your tail goes up and you come running back (relief).  I make a fuss.  Good boy Rafi – pat, rub, rub.  I give you a treat,  Glad to have you back.

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Author: Karen M @ Foodproof

PhD student, kiwi, blogger, multi-potentialite, science writer, dancer, analyst, food lover

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