Murray, the great Great Dane, sadly missed

My condolences go out to Juliette, Dean and Murray’s other companions. He will be a huge loss in their family

Already this year Murray has lost two good dog friends, Gladys , a German wirehaired pointer, and China, another Great Dane, but December was Murray’s time to pass on.  Murray lived with several other dogs, two cats, chickens, ducks, pigeons, three donkeys, two llamas and his carers, Juliette and Dean.

Juliette is the second person I have meet who has this extreme  (in a good way) compassion for animals.  She provides a comfortable and loving home for animals who have previously had unfortunate lives.

Everyone loved him. He definitely was one in a million

Murray came, from Auckland, 8 years ago to live with Juliette and Dean. Due to a neck injury he was no longer “show” material therefore no longer wanted by the breeders.  Even though Murray was not a perfect show dog, Juliette took him to a “dog day” with hundreds of other dogs. He was calm and laid back and won first price in the large dogs category.

Murray would carry a saddle bag when Juliette walked him to the shops.  The saddle bag contained (amongst other things) water and bowls for the other dogs they met went on their walk.

he would say thank you, thank you. He was a very grateful dog

I house sat for Murray twice this year, in June and September.  Murray was a Great Dane and he had this massive heart about him.  He would never ask anything of you but absolutely adored it when you gave him attention, when you brushed him, when you took him for a walk, when you fed him and when you sat down next to him to pat him.

this picture shows Murray in his garden with China
Murray (left) with his good companion China

It was huge gratitude which oozed out of Murray, but he also had this sadness around him as well, likely due to the earlier loss of China and Gladys

Murray was a gentleman.  If a cat was sitting in the middle of his bean bag he would choose another place to sit rather than ask the cat to move on.

He was majestic, moved very gracefully and very beautifully

He also had this fun little dance he performed at feeding time.  You would prepare his meal and take it to him and he would do a round and round backwards excitement dance.

What was amazing was he was so aware of his space and would never knock anything over.  Sometimes the ranch slider would be open wide enough for him to fit through but he would wait for you to open it a bit more so he wouldn’t risk knocking anything or squeezing through somewhere he did not fit

this picture shows Murray sitting by the fire with his animal family: Bert the cat, Gladys the black wire haired pointer, Nellie the collie and China the Great Dane
Murray with his animal family

Another quirky thing  I enjoyed was after breakfast riutal.  Juliette has early starts to the day so breakfast time was quite early and it was still dark.  Murray would get up, go to the toilet, eat his breakfast and then back to bed for another hours kip.

He was majestic, moved very gracefully and very beautifully even though he had arthritis in his legs.  In the days I stayed it looked as though he was tip toeing when I took him for a walk but he would say thank you, thank you.  He was a very grateful dog

My condolences go to Juliette, Dean and his other companions.  He will be a huge loss in their family.

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