“…except when they runaway”

a night out

Stella is swimming in the Shotover River with her stick

this picture shows three Lagotto Romagnalio dogs walking on the lead “they are good dogs except when they run-away” the owner said to me.  And she was right the dogs were exceptional – except when they ran-away.

The three dogs were very courteous to each other, even at meal times when the two faster eating dogs would patiently watch the slow eater finish his meal.  They slept all night in their sleeping spaces and only came to visit after six the next morning.  Sometimes they did not ask before jumping on the bed but always got down with a stern NO.  Chris soften up quickly and was delighted each morning they came and slept on our bed.  The dogs were even considerate walking on a dual lead together and both dogs stopped and slowed if their walking partner stopped or slowed.

It was during housesit induction that they escaped.  We were distracted for 10 seconds while Christine showed me the remote for the garage door.  Two dogs took the opportunity and scarpered under it.  The third was on a lead and was not able to follow the barking dogs down the driveway into the dark.  And that was it.  No point in worrying because they come back the next day.  So I didn’t worry but got myself to bed.this picture shows Stella after she has been playing in the water fetching sticks. Even though she has had fun she is looking sorry for herself, possibly a little cold

About 0630 I heard dogs barking.  Christine was already at the front door.  I looked out of my bedroom window and saw Stella slink up to Christine who took her by the collar.  Where was Joey?  Then I saw him he was very brown for a white dog.  Christine grabbed his collar also.  With both dogs on a lead they were given a Guantanamo Bay shower, then they were taken upstairs for a shampoo and hot shower and into pyjamas to keep them warm

The night had been cool and the dogs would have been cold on returning home but from the look on their faces it seemed that whatever happened that night was worth it.

The “stay at home” dog, Coco, went for a walk with us while the other dogs slept their night off.

Further tales about Joey can be found in Joey and the Jet Boat

Post Script: sadly Stella is no longer with us

this picture shows Joey, the Lagotto Romagnalio dog, sleeping with his head on the pillow and his soft toy duck

Author: Karen M @ Foodproof

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