What is a Tonkinese?

What is a Tonkinese?

My Tonkinese cat (for three weeks) was completely white, slender with a very long tail and blue eyes.  He was timid and while we shared the same living area I was not allowed to touch him.  He did not mind walking over me, if I was sitting, and welcomed a Whiskers Temptation treat if offered, but I was not allowed to touch him.

It took a week before he sat on my lap and I was allowed to stroke him, preferably with his brush which he adored.

Fetch and retrieve was a favourite game of Ziggy’s.  What was very charming were the regular camelia flowers which he fetched daily and brought inside.  I took it personally and assumed these were pink tokens of love.  As I did not have a pink camelia tree in my garden I was curious as to where Ziggy obtained these treasures.  I found pink camelia trees on the other side of a 6 foot wooden fence which Ziggy had no trouble scaling with a pink camelia in his mouth.

this picture shows Ziggy, the white tonkinese cat, hiding under the mat
©Karen Mumme 2016, non-commercial use permitted with attribution

Tonkinese are a recent cross breed of Siamese and Burmese.  They tend to be playful and active cats, very social.  Ziggy lived with two other small white dogs, he was part of the pack, playing and sleeping with the other dogs.  He even came outside for the dogs final pre bedtime wee.

this picture shows Ziggy, a white tonkinese cat, with one of his dog mates, Bonnie, a white Chinese Crested Powderpuff
©Karen Mumme 2016, non-commercial use permitted with
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